Is this all about me?

Yes. This particular place on the Internet actually is all about me.

Let's see, what makes me tick?

Everything design, and I mean everything; from architecture to organizational design. Also capitalism, at least the part that provides a foundation to societal transformation. Basketball, particularly the evolution of Kobe Bryant, the "beautiful game" of Greg Popovich's San Antonio Spurs, and the joyful small ball style of Steph Curry's Dubs. Neil Patrick Harris hosting an award show. Emma Watson being Emma Watson. Oh, have you read Mastery by Robert Greene? That guy can namedrop.

How do I spend my time?

I sleep from 2am to 10am, so that's eight hours. Workout, two showers a day and like five mini meals, that's easily another three. Then I prioritize time for love, friends and family. And once that's on the calendar, I make sure I have a couple of hours a day to create or learn something. Oh, yeah! Last, but not least, I run operations at a wonderful product design and engineering company called Yellowme. Oh! And in the spare time, I invest in early stage startups via Revolt. That's 24 hours, give or take.

What's my background?

Born in 1983. Learned a lot. Started my first company in 2001. Since then, I got proudly involved with game-changing companies and organizations such as Innovation Games, Startup Weekend, 500 Startups, 23 Design, and a number of other initiatives, sometimes as founder, others as investor, facilitator, engineer and designer. There, a combination of opportunities, challenges, peers and mentors shaped who I am now.

What's next?

Space, lot's of space all the way.